Customized unit integrated in new brewery in Belgium

Customized unit integrated in new brewery in Belgium

Unitec's Brewery Solution: Beer Flash Pasteurizer with Integrated Carbonation.

“Life is like a beer. When the bubbles blew over, that was when the beer started. The beer is only half as good without the foam".

Vann Chow
Post Centrifuge  BufferTank

Post Centrifuge BufferTank

Integration of an existing beer centrifuge: UniTec installed a small buffer tank for compensating the flow changes during desludging of the centrifuge. The level of this buffer tank is controlled by our flash pasteurizer.

Flash Pasteuriser

Flash Pasteuriser

The Flash Pasteurizer is a customized system for pasteurization of different beers. This pasteurization system is continuously adjusted and controlled by control of the temperature of hot water loop against actual flow rate of beer/product.


The carbonation consists of a UNITEC's JET-System and a Mass controller, with is integrated in the flash pasteuriser. Our System is able to cope with variations in flow and offers highly accurate control of the pasteurization parameters and carbonation parameters.


Unitec integrated the beer treatment complete in the existing Brewmaxx.

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