Our engineering is related to the development, the conception, and the design of technical systems and products. Technical and experienced knowledge is applied.



As your reliable and independent partner, we offer you tailor-made optimal solutions. Whether you are planning a new brewery / soft drink plant or need professional support in expanding or optimizing - we offer innovative solutions in all process and optimization areas.

A list of valuable content about engineering & service

  • Project management

  • Drawing up designs

  • Analyzing processes

  • Designing installations with integration of components and instruments (P&ID)

  • Adapting and optimizing existing installations and processes

  • Process engineering & calculations

  • Drawing up specifications for instrumentation, valves, fittings, equipment

  • Issuing reports

  • Electrical engineering

  • 2D and 3D drawings

  • Drawing up a detailed process description

  • Commissioning and qualification


Customized units for every purpose in the beverage industry. Process modules - the perfect components for creating complete process installations. Process modules can be a central element in a production line. They facilitate and speed up the application. Process modules thus contain all the components needed to generate defined results.



UniTec provide manual or fully automated skid-mounted process systems.To suit our customers’ needs, our systems are adapted according to the customer's wishes and are full integrated into existing plants.All units can be-used in brewery and beverage industries throughout the entire process manufacturing process.

A list of valuable content about customized stand_alone systems

We have more than 25 years experience in designing and producing process skids for following applications:

  • Water & Product Deaeration

  • Carbonation / Nitrogenation

  • High Gravity Blending

  • Carbo-Blending

  • Blending of multiple components

  • Additive Dosing

  • Pasteurization

  • Cold Sterile Filtration of beer/wine/cider/water

  • Trap filtration

  • Cooling of products

  • Aeration of products

  • Yeast Management

  • Cleaning or Sterilization-in-Place (CIP - SIP)


Turnkey projects in the beverage industry. Adapting to the needs of the client is one of our principles. After all, each project is different from the other and gives the right answer.

UniTec offers solutions and realizations for turnkey projects. UniTec adapts perfectly to the technological environment and provides the best service for a proper operation. In turnkey projects, we are involved from the beginning of the project, tackling changes, and generating satisfactory results for the final implementation. Unitec's work includes design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, aftermarket support and technical service for the turnkey project.

A list of valuable content about turnkey projects

Turnkey projects are projects that will be fully developed and built by Unitec. .

  • Cold block process projects

  • Syrup room projects

  • High accurate mixing systems

  • Powder dissolving projects

  • High accurate dosing projects

  • Gas saturation projects

  • Gas deaeration projects

  • Yeast treatment projects