New Energy drink plant in Kazachstan

New Energy drink plant in Kazachstan

Unitec has been commissioned to develop a new soft drink factory. This project mainly involves the production of new energy drinks.

Developing a new plant for the production of energy drinks.

Developing a new plant for the production of energy drinks is a complex and multi-faceted project that requires careful planning, regulatory compliance, and a clear understanding of the energy drink production process. Here's a high-level overview of the steps you should consider when embarking on this project

  • Regulatory Compliance:

Understand and comply with all relevant regulations and permits for food and beverage manufacturing.

Develop a quality control plan and meet safety standards.

  • Facility Design and Construction:

    Design the plant layout, taking into account the production process, equipment, storage, and packaging.

  • Equipment and Technology:

    Source and install the necessary equipment for energy drink production.

    Ensure that the technology used is capable of producing high-quality products efficiently.

  • Production Process:

    Develop a production process that meets quality and safety standards.

    Hire and train staff to operate the machinery and follow safety protocols.

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