Flexinet Alpha

About us

UniTec is a Belgian company founded in 1997. Since then we have been helping an ever growing number of beer brewers, wine makers, and food producers. Up until today we have over 500 units with customers in the food and drink industry. Our installations can be found all over the globe. We work with partners in Germany and China, and dozens of subcontractors and suppliers.


Our service

Our flexible and client-oriented service allows us to develop tailor-made solutions for numerous applications. Complete installations from supply of components to filling station for breweries and soft drink production, but also equipment that can be integrated seamlessly into the existing production chain for beer, wine, soft drinks, fruit juice, dairy, and food. We also perform all maintenance and repairs, en provide expert advice to streamline the production process.

We have our engineers and other team members to thank for the quality of our products and services, and the client satisfaction that is the result. They employ their extensive expertise and experience to find best solution for each client. Every problem is a challenge, every solution a moment of pride, every satisfied client a success.

Our products

  • Activated Carbon filtration (including steam cleaning and sterilization)
  • Dosing of additives for beer and soft drinks
  • Mixing and multi-mixing for beer, beer mix, and soft drinks
  • Carbonization or nitrogenation with the UniTec Jet
  • CIP units
  • Complete gravity systems for beer brewing
  • Continuous mixing and carbonization for soft drinks (pre-mix)
  • Deaeration of water and other liquids
  • Flash pasteurization for beer and soft drinks
  • Intake and storage of granulate sugar(syrup room)
  • Mobile pumps and measuring units
  • Filtration units (sterile, particles) for beer, mineral water, soft drinks, and wine
  • Dissolving and pasteurizing sugar
  • Aeration of wort and dosing of yeast
  • Cooling systems for wort and beer
  • Dosing of yeast and sugar
  • Yeast propagation and yeast handling

Our services

  • Mechanical and electrical integration and automation of all units in production chains, including startup
  • Complete installation for breweries (from brew house to filling station) and soft drink production (from sugar intake tot filling station)
  • Optimization of existing production chains
  • Consulting and other services by our engineers