Syrup room

For the syrup room equipment Unitec offers complete modular systems – which represent an optimal customised solution for the customer. Efficient process systems and practicle to handle with. Each unit ( module ) can be integrated in the total syrup room concept.


Available modules in syrup room :

  • Bag in drum pulps emptyer : user friendly handling, high capacity, high viscosity products, complete recovery of product , CIP-able.
  • Solid high-shear mixer and liquid doser : dissolving all difficult products , lots managing and tracebility, all-in one CIP including solids hopper , multi-option : Code bar tracking, sugar manager
  • In-line blending : Up to streams , multi-capacity , performing all new markets.
  • Multitubular and plate pasteurizer : energy recover up to 85% in aseptic duties, pressure safe control, integrating ( If-needed ): deaerator/homogenizer, aseptic tank/saver tank.

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